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The creative geek has never had it so good.The Art and Science of Creating a Successful Blog Post

They have the web tools, apps and the social networks that keep poking them  with global gems of content inspiration and ideas. It is a revealed universe of  possibilities. What we are seeing in this century is the synergy between  the art of creation and science of technology.

Gutenberg would be turning in his grave if he saw what is happening in the  new world of publishing.

So we now have the online tools to publish your inspirations. Google has  freed us from the tyranny of remembering and finding facts. This is leading to  an explosion of  prolific and innovative ideas and expression. It  could be music created with an app, a photo that is captured on a smart phone  and filtered or it could be creating an article for a blog.

It is the synthesis of art and science.

Creating a successful blog post is creativity enabled by technology both in  production, delivery and marketing.

The Art

This starts with an idea for your article. It might appear while driving,  talking with a friend or during a wakeful moment at 2am (that is when this idea  turned up). It may be inspired by a book, a passing tweet or a brainstorming  session at a workshop.

Whenever the idea strikes, grab a pen, your phone or that napkin at the  coffee shop. Writing in blood is always an option…because failing to capture an  idea due to forgetfulness can sometimes feel like losing one of your  children.

The writing for me can start two ways.

  1. Creating the introduction (that’s how this one started)
  2. Mapping out the structure and framework for the post (that often  happens)

Neither is right or wrong but the creation has to start. Sitting down at the  computer laden desk with my two screens, keyboard and my mouse and starting the  mundane action is next.

As the words arrive the next phase is the wrangling and wrestling with the  text, phrases and even the sub-titles. Many a blog post has an ugly face but as  you massage it and apply the makeup it can turn into a thing of beauty.

That is certainly the intent.

Next is the internal discussion with myself as to whether I need to  illustrate and elaborate my ideas with a screen shot, an image, add a video or  even plonk in a Slideshare presentation.

Sometimes it goes beyond the words.

The Science

WordPress is the technology and foundation tool of choice for this blog.

The science support crew includes the following:

1. Snagit

This is the screen capture tool I use for screen shots, inserting call out  text boxes and arrows and even shadow and torn edge effects. I couldn’t do  without it.

2. WordPress Plugins

You cannot do without these to enhance your productivity and marketing  effectiveness.

This includes.

  • SEO Plugins (such as WordPress SEO or Yoast)
  • Akismet (this software stops the spammers)
  • BackWPup (this backs up my blog),
  • Facebook like box (you can like my Facebook page without leaving my  blog)
  • GetSocial (my floating social media sharing buttons)

This is not an exhaustive list but all of these I couldn’t do without.


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