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As a real estate agent or broker you may find yourself going paperless more and more. And even if you’re not fully “in the cloud” as you make a transition into a paperless lifestyle, you need to consider how basic data security measures can help prevent future headaches.

This WIRED article proves just how easy one’s life can come crashing down because of lax security measures.

Here are some quick tips to help get you started:

Gmail and two-step verification

Gmail 2-step verificationGoogle and its two-step verification is just one simple way to help keep hackers out of your account. Simply sign into your Google account as normal, enter a code that you receive via text message and you’re set! To get started or learn more, click here.

Twitter and login verification

We have all seen plenty of situations where someone’s brand/company Twitter account is hacked. Twitter’s two-step authentication is an easy way to help prevent this from happening to you and your brand.

Visit your account settings page in Twitter and check the box next to “Send login verification requests to my phone.”

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Practice safe security: 3 ways to protect your real estate data | Inman News.

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