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When looking for a home with a view, some prefer city lights, some the soaring blue canopy of Big Sky country, and some just want a place that doesn’t overlook the Dumpsters in the alley (you know, the ones that get emptied at 5 a.m. by a clanging, thunderously loud garbage truck whose metallic thumping is accompanied by a chorus of swearing from a group of preternaturally active sanitation workers jacked up on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee). And then there are those who want to live in a mansion close to a body of water, be it a lake, a bay, or the wide-open ocean. These are the homes that compound the expense of luxury living with the costs of coastal real estate, resulting in eye-popping architecture and sudden-fits-of-coughing-inducing listing prices. Case in point: these 10 expensive coastal homes on the market. From the shores of Lake Tahoe to the seaside cliffs of Big Sur, these luxury homes embrace the inherent drama of waterfront living.


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