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Some of you may be using it already.

Some of you may have skipped the tutorial on your newly updated LinkedIn page.

Some of you may not have the option to use it yet.

Some of you may not have been to your LinkedIn page for months. ; )

Either way, here’s a quick overview of LinkedIn’s new “Contacts” feature. I encourage you to check it out.  I had the chance to be part of their private beta, and have been playing around with it for the past 6-9 months; I definitely notice a difference in the way I build and maintain my network.

First, let us all understand that this is NOT a CRM. Although the team at LinkedIn could potentially go in this direction, their current release is better suited as a modern-day Rolodex and personal secretary.

Your network is a valuable piece of your business and personal life; and often, you can’t predict when you’ll need to call on it. Managing your network takes skill and commitment, but, if you do it right, making that call is rarely a problem.  Here’s how LinkedIn “Contacts” can help:

Sync & manage contacts from multiple sources

Most of our networks are scattered across many platforms. LinkedIn now allows you to sync up with multiple sources, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and CardMunch.


LinkedIn ‘Contacts’ — a quick tour | Inman News.

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