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demi-moore-san-remo.jpg[Photo of Demi Moore via Getty]

Actress Demi Moore is looking to sell her home in the celeb-favored San Remo for a whopping $75 million. According to the Post, the price tag—which makes the home a contender for the most expensive co-op sale ever—include’s Moore’s “stunning” triplex, along with a ground-floor two-bedroom. Sadly, there is no official listing, and the Post has zero details about what the apartment looks like. The A-lister has listed in the Upper West Side building for awhile, and last year, the co-op was in the news because Moore wanted ex-husband Ashton Kutcher to pay her for renovations to the unit, which was reportedly valued at $25 million.

Another celeb recently sold a triplex in the building >>

Over the years, the building has housed dozens of celebrities, including Donna Karan, Steven Spielberg, Glenn Close, Tiger Woods, Diane Keaton, the late Steve Jobs, and Dustin Hoffman, who sold his triplex for $21 million earlier this year. Moore is asking more than three times that (yes, yes, her asking price does include a second unit), so we’re very curious to see what, if anything, makes it worth that much dough



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