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There are two main reasons I won’t retweet you.

1. Are you presumptuous?

2. Are you rude?

If you want a RT of your article or book link, and send it with a link on my stream or in DM, chances are I won’t.

(On the other hand, I won’t ask for a glass of milk, either…)

Let’s just get that out of the way now.

Then again, I might.

Am I being a fickle hormonal woman in need of a Nutella fix? (Okay, that’s a loaded question.) In truth, no. (Though I always want Nutella. Feel free to send some along.)

It’s not because I’m being difficult. It’s because I don’t know you (sure that’s an existential argument, but let’s leave that for another day…).IF I know you, you’ll find me to be one of the most supportive tweeps ever.

I realize that people ask lots of favors of people they don’t know in social media all the time, but manners are still manners.

I NEVER expect a retweet. Ever. And neither should you. (That’s why it’s such a wonderful gift to receive one when we do.)

Take me (okay, bad choice of words but still…made your smile): take the time to woo me a little. And by that, I don’t mean the ‘you don’t bring me flowers anymore’ kind of wooing (though sadly, you don’t).


Let’s deconstruct:


Actual tweet: @RachelintheOC Thanks Rachel for following me! Check out my blankety blank interview at http://itsallaboutme.com to learn more about me! Plz RT! #pompousdouche

Okay, I had a little fun here, but this is a tweet I received yesterday. Here’s what’s wrong with this whole shebang:

  • I didn’t follow him. Red flag number one. (And why is he using my handle in a tweet to me? I’m pretty sure I know who I am…#newbiemistake)
  • I clicked on his handle. He sent the exact same message (spam) to at least 100 people that I could count at quick glance.
  • Why would I retweet someone who presumes I’m that much of an Homer Simpson? Not that I’m all that; but I do have a decent following on both my author stream and business stream, and teach Twitter skills to folks. #researchdude
  • Even if I were that much of an Homer, let’s look at it this way (meaning nicer and not as snarky): how effective is it for him to spam hundreds of authors with the same exact message?

Are we his target PURCHASING audience?

(the subject of next week’s article. Like how I did that?)


I discuss this quite a bit with my children and clients, so you don’t escape it here either. Please and thank you go a looonnng way in this world. You probably say it in everyday life, yes? Teach your own kids, or dog and cat to do the same.

Then WHY would you (not you, of course…you’d never do this #ahem) throw someone a tweet and expect them to retweet it? And be upset if they don’t?

Oh, it happens.

Take nothing personally. Assume nothing. Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.

We’re all busy people. I’m more likely to RT you if we have a prior ‘relationship’ – meaning if we’ve chatted once or twice before, you’ve sent me something cool or interesting, or sent me virtual Nutella.

Sure, Twitter and social media are about karma, but it’s more about connections.

As I said above, I never expect people to RT me. If they do, it’s always a delightful gift.

Has anyone ever paid your toll? Yielded on the freeway when you desperately needed to get over? Sent you a gift basket of cute little yummy cookies just because?

Your brain (and body) chemistry changes when you receive a gift you don’t expect, rather than anticipating one. (One of the many reasons I don’t like Valentine’s Day, but that’s a whole other blog post about expectation and branding.)

My goal here is to change that paradigm of entitlement many people have when first starting on Twitter – or of those who have never caught on. I may be completely high, but hopefully my blog posts and tweets are a start.

What say you?

(Now go RT this. Totally kidding.)

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