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One of the things that makes FuelYourBlogging different from other blogs is the variety of voice you get from Fuel. Sure, other blogs feature guest posts and interview, but there’s usually someone making up the backbone of the blog. Here at Fuel, I like to think of you as the backbone, because at the end of the day, all the content we publish is for you. Some might consider the editorial team the backbone here, but there’s no point in pointing fingers … we’re all in it together, so in a way, we’re all a part of it.

Fuel is a community where we can explore topics, learn from each other, and discover what works and what doesn’t for our blogs.

In addition, I’m also on the hunt for talented writers interested in becoming regular contributors here at FuelYourBlogging. The increase in guest posts is in light of this search, and though I’ve only just begun, I’ve already connected with a bunch of awesome writers.

Interested in becoming a contributing writer here at Fuel?

A Weekly Editorial Calendar

I’ve been working on a weekly editorial calendar designed to connect the content we publish throughout the week with a theme. This will help us explore a topic more extensively, thus enabling us to discover more than we might if covering a topic with just one post.

I’m not a big fan of formula, and this isn’t meant to replace the spontaneity often found from bloggers … I just think it will help the team create content you find more useful, because it’ll enable us to approach the topic from different angles while we’re exploring it.

I’ll check in with you guys at the beginning of each week — probably Sunday — and introduce the topic we’ll be exploring.

Have a topic in mind? Send suggestions to @FuelBlogging, or use the contact form in the menu above to send us an email.

This Week at FuelYourBlogging …

Entrepreneurs have been starting projects, finding target audiences, monetizing, and sustaining for a lot longer than bloggers … what might we be able to learn from them that we could apply to our own blogging?

Interested in entrepreneurship?

Check out FuelYourVenture … you’ll find tips on getting startedgoing furthermoney, and even a spotlight series featuring awesome books, tools, companies and the people behind them.

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Whether you’re a constant reader or a mere passerby, we appreciate you taking the time to check out the content we’ve brewed up for you here at FuelYourBlogging, and hope you’ll join us as we continue exploring the world of blogging.

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