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The burgeoning foreclosures-to-rental business could become a $100 billion industry as increasingly sizable investors infiltrate hard-hit markets from Florida to California to Arizona to the Midwest.

Signs are pointing to a housing recovery, as stated by numerous news and government authorities. Some markets have picked up so much, that competition is forcing buyers to set themselves apart.

Internet access via a PC will cease for many due to a new Windows virus. Hackers recently discovered a Windows vulnerability, and seized the opportunity to infect over half a million PCs with their new virus. The FBI, in conjunction with a partner, set up a site to check your machine for infection and get a fix.

In these tough times a little bit of business etiquette can go a long way in making you stand out from the rabble. Time shares 5 rules to help refine your sense of propriety and decorum.

Before you pull out the mop and bottles of cleaning solution for your annual Spring cleaning, you might want to check the labels. Time reports that several popular brands contain toxic ingredients.

Man has domesticated and mutated dogs for centuries to suit our needs and whims, but an article in American Scientist reveals some scientists belief that dogs cause humans to evolve too. Humans are the only ape species to have a white part of the eye around the pupil as a default–perhaps a competitive advantage for early dog owning humans by allowing dogs to more quickly follow an owner’s gaze to help hunt prey.

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