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Looking for a social media outlet that drives more traffic than even Facebook? Stumbleupon is the answer you are looking for. Read on to learn how this tool can help you increase traffic and promote your blog effectively.
Upon looking at Stumbleupon, you will promptly notice that there is a big, yellow button trying to catch your attention – it says “Stumble your Interest.” How does it work? When a person stumbles upon a great article, they “stumble” it and it gets added to a list of articles in a queue. Stumbling is effectively the same thing as “sharing” on Facebook and Twitter platforms. Users simply search for articles on specific topics using the Stumble button on their Internet toolbar. Any articles that have previously been stumbled by others will appear in the queue for the reader to browse.
Sure, some users reported getting great traffic, but is that what Stumbleupon is all about? Not quite. There is more to the tool than just getting readers to your site – you want to convert them and one article simply isn’t enough to do that. Finding the right readers takes a bit of strategizing that will lead to not only increasing your traffic levels, but finding readers who return time and time again. Here are some of the most effective tips to start using Stumbleupon the right way, today.

Add it To Your Tool Bar:

Why? If it is readily available on your tool bar, you are not fumbling through your applications trying to find it and add an article to your queue. Use it to only stumble websites that grab your interest and are in line with them.

“Follow” Those with Similar Interests

Stumbleupon makes this easy – simply find your interest and start following people. If you do this and maintain your interest, you will find that Stumbleupon will recognize your interest and recommend you to those looking to follow people in your niche. It does work.

Get Your Content to be Attractive

668055253 5c907abe3e 300x400 Using Stumbleupon to Drive Traffic to Your BlogWhy? For the same reason you are attracted to articles, so are your readers. Making them attractive draws the reader’s attention and you need that in order to gain interest in your blog.

Stumble Other People’s Articles, Too

Stumbling your own articles all the time will show that you are only using the tool as a means of promotion. Much like talking about yourself and your business all the time on Facebook and Twitter, people get tired of hearing it. Show that you are open and receptive to posting others articles too – but make sure they are in your niche and that they are informative. Stumbling others just because you don’t want to appear to have a one-track mind is not the way to go. Put some thought and effort into it and only “stumble” what you would promote.

Try Placing an Ad on Stumbleupon

Why? Well, really, why not? If you are not experiencing your desired results, you might want to take the Paid Recovery route. You simply place your URL in Stumbleupon’s stream and begin searching for similar content that resembles your niche. It doesn’t matter if it is a blog, article or a video, your article is then reserved in the top 5% allowing those who are stumbling your niche to find your content easily. Thus, it targets your target audience based on your specifications.

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