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I recently wrote on my thoughts for getting back to basics this year with my social media efforts. I have been working hard at cleaning out the noise in my Twitter stream and trying to connect with some new folks and reconnect with some that I have fallen quiet with. I came across this infographic highlighting some Twitter basics for relationship building.

Surprisingly, there are many that don’t follow these general rules-of-thumb. So I thought I’d share it as a great reminder of how one might behave on Twitter if they actually want to grow some relationships.

I agree with all but one point in the image below. I don’t use auto-responders at all… and never intend to. Most of the messaging on Twitter is spam, and in my mind the weakest point about Twitter is the messaging – so I don’t use it. But this is a great guide overall.

If someone is talking negatively about you, or a conversation heads in a negative direction that is your opportunity to shine! Don’t ignore, embrace!

Agree? Disagree? Head over to Twitter and tweet me! I promise to respond!

Happy Tweeting!

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