Tale of the Sale: Armistead Maupin’s San Francisco House Fetches More Than List Price | Armonk NY Real Estate

How enchanting was the Parnussas real estate market home in San Francisco owned by writer Armistead Maupin?

Enchanting enough, apparently, to fetch nearly half a million more than its list price.

Talk about bestseller!

According to Herth Sales, which held the listing for the picture-perfect home at 27 Belmont Ave, San Francisco, CA 94117, the 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 1,600-square-foot gem sold for $1.64 million on July 27. The list price had been $1.198 million when the home hit the market on July 19.

The home has views of downtown San Francisco, the bay and Marin County — exactly the kind of inspirational eye candy that helped Maupin create his iconic “Tales of the City” series, which not only includes some of the most beloved books among the literary set but also was turned into a critically-acclaimed television mini series.

“Tales of the City” is an 8-part series. SOURCE: Amazon.com

According to Curbed, Maupin and his husband, Christopher Turner, are moving to Santa Fe, NM. That prompted the sale of the craftsman/Edwardian home, which Maupin picked up in 1993 for $615,000.

The home figured prominently in his work, and his novel “The Night Listener” is largely set there:

Out of habit I approached the house from the sidewalk across the street, where I could see it in context: three narrow stories noticed into the wooden slope. Its new cedar shingles were still too pallid for its dark green trim, but another season or two of rain would turn them into tarnished silver. I’d be eagerly awaiting that. I’d wanted the place to look ancestral, as if we had lived there forever.”

Well, now that phase of Maupin’s life is done. We’ll wait for what comes next from him down in Santa Fe. Maybe something along the lines of “Tales of The Desert”?

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