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These reminders are via the Town of Bedford:

Beginning August 20th for three weeks (depending on weather), paving will take place on the following roads:


  • Harris Road from Beaver Dam Road to Bedford Center Road
  • Baldwin, Darlington (paved sections)
  • Middle Patent, Parking Lot #3 (At Woods Bridge Road)
  • Park Ave and School Street (section off of Route 117)
  • Crescent Terrace
  • Robin Hood
  • Friar’s Close
  • Matthew’s Mill
  • Greenville

Commuters could experience temporary disruptions to traffic and access as paving operations commence. Parking Lot 3 will remain open but will be paved in sections requiring portions of the lot to be temporarily blocked off.

Residents are also asked to refrain from parking on these streets as paving proceeds. The precise scheduling of work depends upon weather conditions and the proper operation of paving equipment.  Therefore, your patience and understanding are appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact Bedford Public Works Department at 914-666-7669.

In addition, Bedford Hills Memorial Park Basketball Courts will be undergoing maintenance and will be closed by the Recreation and Parks Department starting Monday August 20 through Sunday August 26 in order to perform maintenance work, weather permitting, on the courts.

Contractors will be sealing the court surface, re-color coating and re-lining the courts. No use of the courts will be permitted while the courts are being resurfaced.







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