Post-WWII recessions and recoveries, at a glance | Bedford NY Real Estate

Since the Great Depression, the U.S. economy has fallen into recession 12 times, according to economists at the National Bureau of Economic Research who establish dates for business cycles. After 10 of those recessions ended, the economy continued to grow for at least three years. The periods of growth between recessions are called recoveries. But strictly speaking, economists say a recovery lasts until the economy returns to where it was when the recession started. Once it does, it becomes an “expansion.” Here’s a list of postwar recessions and recoveries/expansions: Recessions Recoveries/expansions February 1945 through October 1945—eight months October 1945 through November 1948—37 months November 1948 through October 1949—11 months October 1949 through July 1953—45 months July 1953 through May 1954—10 months May 1954 through August 1957—39 months August 1957 through April 1958—eight months April 1958 through April 1960—24 months April 1960 through February 1961—10 months February 1961 through December 1969—106 months December 1969 through November 1970—11 months November 1970 through November 1973—36 months November 1973 through March 1975—16 months March 1975 through January 1980—58 months January 1980 through July 1980—six months July 1980 through July 1981—12 months July 1981 through November 1982—16 months November 1982 through July 1990—92 months July 1990 through March 1991—eight months March 1991 through March 2001—120 months March 2001 through November 2001 —eight months November 2001 through December 2007—73 months December 2007 through June 2009—18 months June 2009 through August 2012—38 months so far

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