Muhammad Ali’s Childhood Home for Sale, Potentially Under Contract | Mt Kisco NY Real Estate

Boxing great Muhammad Ali started life as Cassius Clay Jr. in a small, 1-bedroom, 1-bath home in Louisville, KY. Located at 3302 Grand Ave, Louisville KY 40211, the home was recently registered as a historic landmark in the city, complete with a signpost out front.

Another signpost recently joined the historic marker — a sign marking Ali’s childhood home for sale. Owner Steve Stephenson told the Associated Press he’s priced the home at $50,000. Built in 1920, the home measures 1,128 square feet.

Apparently the price was right. According to local Louisville news station WHAS11, the for sale sign was only up for a month before negotiations to buy the home reportedly were under way.

“The sale could be completed in a week, and the plan is to restore the home, so people can enjoy its historical significance,” reported the site.

After Ali’s family moved out, the home passed through a number of hands, most recently selling in 1998. The news station reports that the home has fallen into disrepair.

Ali began his boxing career in the home, first taking up the sport to get back at the thieves who stole his bike as a child.

Despite the boxer’s fame, he returns to his hometown often and celebrated his 70th birthday at the Muhammad Ali Center, a museum and education center in downtown Louisville

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