Marketing with Video: Getting Over the Early Hurdles | Pound Ridge NY Real Estate

Your ability to produce and distribute your own video content easily and inexpensively gives you an incredible opportunity that didn’t exist a decade ago.  What are you doing with that opportunity?

Whether you’re already producing videos to help market your service and your properties or you’re not sure where, when, or how to start, this session about video should give you some helpful information and inspiration.Video Marketing Ideas

Delivered by Ethan Beute, the Chief Marketing Officer for BombBomb, the presentation below was recorded at the Xplode Conference at the San Diego / Del Mar Hilton in August 2012.  He starts with his background in local television marketing and promotion and moves into how and why brokers and agents are adding video to their marketing strategies.

From the power of video to connect with your leads, customers, and entire sphere to places your video belongs to cameras people just like you are using every day, you’ll get a good overview of video marketing.

Plus, you’ll see examples of brokers and agents using video to build relationships, earn referrals, and grow their businesses.  Check it out …


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