Marketing Tool Most Real Estate Pros Want? | Chappaqua Realtor

The iPad is the marketing tool that more than three out of four of 110 real estate professionals recently surveyed say they would most like to have, according to the survey by Imprev, a marketing technology company. 

The real estate professionals surveyed selected up to five marketing products they most wanted, with the iPad coming out No. 1, followed by 35 percent who want an automated “drip” e-marketing campaign, 29 percent who prefer single property Web sites, 28 percent who said personal blogs, and 25 percent who eyed video. 

“Real estate agents are shouting that they want their iPad apps,” says Renwick Congdon, Imprev’s CEO and founder. “The iPad from Apple is quickly becoming a ubiquitous marketing and productivity tool for the real estate industry.”

While the iPad is rated what agents most want to have, real estate pros surveyed said their current favorite technology is the smartphone. 

“Mobile marketing continues to accelerate at breakneck speed,” says Congdon. “It’s a game changer for the industry.”

Survey respondents rated the most effective marketing products they use today as e-mail marketing, their web site, virtual tours, printed postcards, and Facebook. The responses were a stark difference from marketing tools used a decade ago, which respondents said tended to be all print-oriented, such as newspaper display or classified ads and postcards and flyers.

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