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Last Thursday, September 13, Facebook hosted a live webinar on, “getting your brand into news feed—the most powerful placement on Facebook.” Led by Fidji Simo from Facebook Product Marketing, the session demonstrated why the newsfeed is the most important aspect of any Facebook marketing campaign and how to ensure that your content reaches as many people as possible.

At the webinar, a Facebook representative noted that 40 percent of people’s time on Facebook is spent in the news feed. Additionally, users are 40 to 150 times more likely to engage with brand content through the news feed than by actually visiting the brand’s Facebook page. The problem is that a brand cannot guarantee that its content is actually making it into a user’s feed.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Facebook took this as an opportunity to tout the effectiveness of promoted posts and stories.

“What you can do to make sure your content shows up… is to actually promote it as an ad,” said webinar co-host Kim Caldbeck. “You can ensure that your brand actually does make into [a] newsfeed.”

They noted that newsfeed ads are twice the size of standard banner ads, and they often get placed next to things like wedding videos and family pictures. This proximity, according to Facebook, makes ads in a news feed more personal and thus more engaging. They said these types of ads drive 8 times more engagement than ads on the right-hand side of the Facebook screen.

The webinar also included a case study involving Aria, which used Facebook to promote their new resort and casino in Las Vegas. The company saw 485 percent ROI from the media they ran on Facebook and 25,000 new Likes to their Facebook Page. They noted that the ads promoted in the news feed saw 100 times higher click-through-rate than ads on the right.

It was some good insight, but what people really wanted was further insight into what’s behind the newsfeed. Why do posts only reach an average of 16 percent of fans organically? How does Facebook decide that one post is more relevant than others? When asked for ways to boost likes and fan engagement, the answer was a flat, “sponsored stories.”

While sponsored stories and promoted posts certainly go a long way, there are specific, actionable, and free things you can do to help your content find its way into news feeds organically. The key is understanding the three factors that Facebook’s algorithm, EdgeRank, uses to determine the relevancy of a post.

To learn about these three factors—Affinity, Edge Weight, and Recency—and how to optimize your posts to take advantage of them, check out Magnet Media’s free, downloadable guide book: Influencers, Metrics, and Rising Above the Social Noise. In addition to EdgeRank, the guide book explains which metrics are important to monitor in social media campaigns, and how to get the most out of marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

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