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Schoolhouse in Bedford by Robert Paul

Clients were asking me what was happening in the large family market or the multi-generational housing nmarket in Bedford New York.  I decided to look at statistics for homes with five (5) or more bedrooms.

Bedford area 5 Bedroom Homes Available.

All.                209

Above $1 Mil.    168

Above $2 Mil.    99

Above $4 Mil.  37


Bedford area 5 Bedroom Homes Sold (6 months)

All.     62

Above $1 Mil.   44

Above $2 Mil.   19

Above $4 Mil.   3


Bedford area 5 Bedroom Homes Inventory

All.            20.23  months

Above $1 Mil.   22.91  months

Above $2 Mil.    31.26  months

Above 4$ Mil.    74  months


There is a great supply of Bedford area five Bedroom homes and larger.  There will be great pressure for these sellers to lower their prices to get their property sold.


Large Bedford NY Homes




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