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Why You Should Use Unfollow Tools

Jun 20, 2011 by

The use of unfollow tools has been increased dramatically in the past few years. When people were beleaguered by the constant flow of spam, unfollow tools came in the scene. These unfollow tools help you to maintain the quality of your twitter feed as well getting rid of redundant spammers. There can be several reasons why we should use unfollow tools, let’s take a look at it.

Spam Free Community

This is why unfollow tools were developed, to keep the community spam free. When twitter surfaced the web, it was more or good a nice and clean site. But spammers found their own goldmine in twitter and started to come in bunches. Now, there are thousands of bots and spammers in twitter account that completely acts like a human but an automated bot. Unfollow tools help you eliminate these useless spammers by using several behavior pattern analysis. With different unfollow tools, you can filter your followers based on their activity, avatar, interaction, tweets etc. You can easily remove the spammers by these different types of lists.

Save Your Valuable Time

Just imagine if there were no unfollow tools, you are manually opening the profiles of your friends and clicking unfollow from the list of thousand followers. This sure can be pretty time consuming. That’s why one of the best features of unfollow tools is saving time. It can save you ample time by filtering people according to your choice. For example, with UnTweeps, you can select a time range for which period the people were inactive. It will come up with a list of people inactive within that time range and make it easy for you to inactive. Manually, however, this task is impossible to do. There is no way that you can go on and check each and every profile to see their last tweet time and remove them.

Organizing your Twitter Account

Customarily we start twitter to follow almost everyone live on the social platform. However, at point it seems hard to keep a track with almost everyone and find the valuable tweets. Even, filtering does not help in most of the cases. That is why we need to organize and manage our twitter account properly. With the help of different unfollow tools it is quite easy to find some useless people in a profile and eliminate them to ensure a quality feed. If you want to stay updated and need someone with good tweets, you might prefer deleting the people that are not active for a certain period of time. Or if you are bogged-down by stream of cluttered tweets you might opt to delete them as well. The unfollow tools help you get rid of all these type of people and let you manage your twitter account.

No Installation Needed!

Most of the unfollow tools available now are web-based and have a good looking interface. There is no need for installation of any software which is a good thing for the safety of our own pc. You can save lots of hassles by just using web-based unfollow tools.

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