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Bathroom remodeling is tricky because both plumbing and wiring are involved, hardly things you want to mix together, and it means you’ll need a plumber and a 24/7 electrician perth. Bathroom Remodeling Prep Stepsas subcontractors. No two bathrooms are the same: Thus, bathroom remodeling prep steps are likely to be modified for your project, but there are also several universal concepts that can be applied before your bathroom contractor arrives. If you plan on getting new doors check out the custom frameless shower door builder where you can decide which door would be best for your shower. Just remember that when it comes to fast and accurate advice, nobody is better than your remodeling contractor.

Flow of Traffic
Think about where your bathroom contractor will park his vehicle, which door he will be coming through, and his path from the door to the bathroom. Most contractors will need to make several trips back and forth, and asking them to remove their boots each way is really unrealistic and impractical. No matter what type of flooring you have, find some old towels or buy some carpet scraps and lay them in the path of traffic. This way, you protect your floors without interrupting the bathroom contractor’s process. On a related topic, click here if you want to learn more about working with bathroom contractors.

Remove All Objects
Remove anything that is mobile from any area where the bathroom professional may be working. Doing these few things before the bathroom professional ever arrives will allow him to go right to work. Here are a few reminders:

  • Bathtub & Shower: Remove all soaps, shampoos, washcloths, razors, and rubber duckys.
  • Toilet: Remove toilet cover and anything sitting on the back of the toilet.
  • Sink: Remove all soaps, candles, and any other item that is sitting on the counter of the sinks.
  • Sink Base: Remove all items underneath the sink that may be in the way of the plumbing. If the sink base will be replaced, take everything out of the drawers as well.
  • Floor: Remove all bathmats, magazines, trash cans, scales and anything sitting on the floor.
  • Walls: If you are replacing the walls, pull off any towel racks that you can. If you have a medicine cabinet, remove everything inside of it.

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