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Tweeting is a pretty fun thing to start. If you enter the site and see thousands of ‘REAL’ celebrities give their precious tweets, it is pretty obvious to click the follow button numerous times. However, after a few days, you will find your homepage to be a bit junky, full of useless tweets. This is where the ‘Unfollow Tools’ come in handy. One of the best Unfollow Tools is ManageFlitter.
With ManageFlitter ( you can easily give your Twitter account a cleaner and neater look by filtering your following list. This tool helps you enhance the quality of your homepage. It is even more useful if the auto-follow option is turned-on or if you are becoming friends with each and everyone, from celebrity to spammers.
The perfect twitter community involves the active participation of both the follower and the following. Whenever a part of it becomes inactive, the chain becomes non-existent. So, it is better to get rid of those that are inactive or those who are not following your tweets. It not only increases your weight but also make your homepage junk-free.
ManageFlitter provides you with the perfect tool to see and determine who are inactive, who are not following you back, whose profile does not include an avatar etc in your twitter account. These features are pretty handy as it helps distinguish the spammers from the non spammers.
Super Easy Interface
ManageFlitter has a pretty simple interface which even a kid can find it easy to use. It has a trendy web 2.0 interface and nice user control.
Various Features
ManageFlitter has a vast set of features to choose from. You can sort your friends in your twitter by their activity, their way of following and various other categories.
ManageFlitter can sort the friends exactly the way you like and it also gives you the option to unfollow all at once. It saves ample time, which is another plus point of the tool.
Completely Free!
The best thing about ManageFlitter is that, it offers a wide collection of features for free.
Though ManageFlitter consists of many great features, it has few limitations as well. There is no way to add more than 5000 followers at once; it is troublesome for those who have a large friend base in their twitter account.
Missing Feature
Amongst the important features, ManageFlitter is missing out on a really good feature. It does not let you see those people that are actually following you but you are not. Usually, these people lead to quality tweets and can be used to promote a product.
No Spam Matrix
Unlike other Unfollow tools, ManageFlitter does not provide the spam matrix service. Spam matrix helps people find friends that are rather busy in spamming. However, ManageFlitter is not able to find these types of people, unless they are inactive for a certain period of time.
Although ManageFlitter has its fair share of negative sides, it is considered one of the best unfollow tools out there. It is highly recommended if you are being overwhelmed by the spammers.


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