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Editor’s note: The following story excerpt is republished with permission of See the original article: Cool Architecture for Hot Summers.

With way-above-average temperatures kicking in throughout the country, it’s been another record-breaking summer. Seems that the real possibility of climate change, whether part of the earth’s natural cycle or caused by human activity, is something we’ll all have to deal with.

The good news is that for millennia people have been designing and building houses that can keep us comfortable no matter how uncomfortable it gets outside. So maybe it’s time to rediscover these age-old building techniques and incorporate more of them into our homes.

Here are a few time-tested heat-beating ideas — and some new ones — to consider.

Choose light-colored roofing

traditional exterior by Jonathan Parks Architect

Photo credit: Jonathan Parks Architect

We all probably learned in high school science class that the color black absorbs heat while white reflects it. This is why in the warmer climates a white or light-colored roof will repel the heat, keeping your home cooler.

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