8 Steps to Global Business Success Powered by Social Media | Pound Ridge Real Estate

Knowledge, ideas and creativity swirl around us every day. Television transmits information on finance, weather and sport.

Lifestyle programs show us how to sing, cook and exercise. Radio stations bombard us with gardening tips, entertainment and music.

It is information overload.

Businesses are built on knowledge, expertise, talent and know how. Every business is in the “knowledge business”.

The businesses and personal brands that succeed may not have the best products or services but know how to package that information and share it so they cut through the  noise of billions of online ads, crowded social media networks and TV advertising.

Artists, authors and musicians have services that are now easily digitized and can be sold to a global audience. Don’t think of 1,000 potential customers,  add some more zeros.

Don’t think local, dream of world domination.

Social media can help you display that knowledge,expertise and talent to the world and facilitate the spread of your brand.

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