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Homebuyers and sellers today make inferences about real estate agents’ professionalism based on their ability to use current technology. The image we project to the public is heavily influenced by whether or not we keep up with the level of technological service they have come to expect from other industries.

This isn’t about being the most advanced and tech-savvy agent in your city. It’s about adopting the common-sense technology practices that make your business, and your relationship with your clients, more professional. Using technology responsibly and proactively allows us to enhance our outward business persona, as opposed to continually making excuses for why we’re not on board.

We often focus on the cutting edge of technology, but for those who may need a bit of sharpening up, there are a few quick and inexpensive ways to get past objections and move on to a stronger technology reputation:

1. Adjust Your Smartphone Attitude. Statistically, it appears a fair number agents still don’t have a smartphone. There’s not much to say here. $99 — do it. Today.

2. Mobile Communication Is Still Business Communication.“Please excuse any spelling errors – sent from my mobile. …” Erase this from your mobile email signatures. Remove it from every device you own. It shows a lack of care. Here is what it says to your clients/associates:“I am too lazy to properly use this handheld device that has more computing power than the first Space Shuttle.

I’m going to send you a garbled message because you’re not worth the 10 seconds it would have taken to fix it. LOL CUL8R K?” –


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