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Gray stripes are a neutral backdrop for pops of bright neon. By Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

Gray stripes are a neutral backdrop for pops of neon. By Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

They aren’t just for adding some patriotic flare this Fourth of July. Stripes are both playful and classic and — with the right accessories — can up a room’s elegance or provide a casual feel year-round.

Take for example, stripes painted across the walls of a converted garage space by Kerrie Kelly ofKerrie Kelly Design Lab. Swathes of beige in a darker and lighter tone are neutral without being too formal for the neon accessories throughout the room.

Besides adding interest to a space, stripes are often used to alter the perception of a room, explains designer Dan Benedict of Benedict August.

“For example, if a room is too short, you can add vertical stripes to make it seem taller,” he said. “It’s not always for correcting problems, but enhancing a feature.”

Ready to get striped? Here are a few ways to incorporate the look into your home.


“Striped wallcoverings are easy to come by and perfect for sprucing up even a small space like a powder bath,” said Kelly.


Get This Look: Stripes in the Home | Zillow Blog.

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