Frank Lloyd Wright Came to Miami in 1955 And He Hated It | Bedford Corners Real Estate



On Nov. 14th, 1955 Time Magazine printed a short piece summing up the world famous Frank Lloyd Wright’s opinions of Miami, having just visited recently. The architect was pretty damning of Miami, and this is what he said:

Paying his first visit to Miami in some 20 years, Architectitan Frank Lloyd Wright, 86, duly paid the city’s palm-fringed structures his typical disrespects. In a word, after a look at a flossy row of hotels and cottages: “Horrible.” Critic Wright, from the height of his years, lowered the boom on the locals: “Miamians are living in houses pigs would be ashamed to live in.” One hotel was summarily dismissed: “Worse than an anthill.” Miamians were slow to lash back at Wright; he had not directly blamed them for their housing plight. The real villains, as always, said Architect Wright, are “the architects.”

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