Take a Virtual Stroll Through Tokyo’s Bamboo Basket Bakery | Armonk NY Homes


Screen%20Shot%202014-05-08%20at%203.36.16%20PM.pngPhoto via Arch Daily

Built by pile o’ sticks guru Kengo Kuma—whose quirky, previous projects include high-design Starbucks locales and timber-lined dog huts—this bamboo basket-shaped bakery in Tokyo just might be the oddest, most flammable purveyor of sweets in all the land. Constructed using Kuma’s signature Japanese joint technique of “Jiigoku-Gumi,” the design team explains that the SunnyHills pineapple cake shop uses its interior and exterior wooden latticework to differentiate itself from its surroundings by appearing “completely different from a concrete box.” Inside, the space feels open and sunny, thanks to the filtered daylight streaming through the slatted walls. French architect and filmmaker Vincent Hecht has a video tour of the standout little building, below:



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