Jim Olson-Designed Floating Home Hopes For $2.88M | Armonk NY Homes


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Aside from the fact that it’s floating in Seattle’s Lake Union, this home is a bit more conservative than the designs by which Olson Kundig Architects made a name for themelves—and, it goes without saying, worlds away from Tom Kundig’s recent foray into weird conceptual art—although it was built by firm principal Jim Olson back in 1976, a decade before Kundig joined on. The listing, recently uncovered by Curbed Seattle, touts “270 degrees of epic views,” and tableaus aside, those curved second-floor windows are definitely the most notable feature of the three-bedroom, 1,000-square-foot abode despite its ‘modernism at sea’ premise. But hey, if sliding glass doors that leave you “just fingertips away from the glistening water” aren’t enough, there’s a 50-gallon reef tank installed inside. What might “complete this luxurious treasure,” aside from a redo of the overwhelmingly beige interior? Why, if the current asking price holds, $2.88M.



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