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Becky Kittredge
Dedicated to the memory of our beloved Town Councilwoman
Click image on right to play a memorable tribute to a beautiful public servant.

On Friday, August 30th, at the steps of Town Hall, citizens gathered to honor the memory of Becky Kittredge and, more importantly, to  celebrate her life and contributions to our town of North Castle.
It’s unfortunate that three of our Town Board members (Howard Arden, John Cronin, and Diane Roth) refused to broadcast, on NCTV, this beautiful and memorable tribute of one who has given 32 years  of service as a Town Board member.
Additionally, during her tenure, she was appointed as deputy supervisor to long-time Town Supervisor Jack Lombardi and her responsibilities included Town Board liaison to the Police Department, Highway Department and the Beautification Committee.
In this video, I have embedded pictures and footage that I  recorded to emphasize Becky’s spirit as a government official, as a volunteer, as a citizen, as a family member, and as a genuine, caring, thoughtful person.  As you view this video, particularly the last 5 minutes, ask why three members of our Town Board felt it was inappropriate and voted against its broadcast.
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