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Here’s Why Epoxy is Considered the Ideal for Garage Floor Coating

Those in the know in the real estate scene can attest that epoxy coating provides one of the
toughest and durable finishes on garage floors. Incredibly, they not only protect the sanctity of
garage floors, but they also help transform the outlook from ugly and boring cement to a
professionally looking and picturesque floor.

Given the fact that the garage has quickly become a place where individuals simply park the car
and leave, the benefits of having garage floor epoxy have steadily risen. All through American
homes, more people are now spending quality time in their garages doing a bunch of things.
Whether it’s band practice, science experiments, lounging or meeting sessions for Silicon
Valley-themed startups, the garage has grown in value and utility through the years.

Epoxy is considered fantastic because it can comfortably be used in both residential and
commercial applications to give a garage or shop floor a luxurious showroom shine that is
bound to leave many speechless. Even better is the fact that epoxy comes in a variety of solid
colors and hues in order to match various styles and preferences.

The Root

Naturally, when most people hear of Best Garage Floor Epoxy coating, their minds tend to drift
to the association of the term with paint. In truth, nothing could be further from the truth.

Paints in garage floors use latex acrylic products. At times, some paints ship with tiny fractions of epoxy added to the mix in order to make the entire concoction more durable when compared to standard paint versions. However, even with the incorporation of epoxy, these products are still regarded as paints and referred to as 1-part epoxy paints or simply just epoxy paints.

Epoxy is, in fact, a real thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating. To form epoxy, one
needs to combine one-part epoxide resin with one-part polyamide hardener which acts as the
catalyst to give epoxy its characteristic strength. Once applied, epoxy does not dry like normal
paint does, instead, it cures in order to come up with the superior strength and durability
qualities that enthusiasts have come to highly regard the product for.

The moisture resistant quality of epoxy makes it ideal for those in snowy climates. This is
because it is much easier to clean icy brines and road salts that collect on the floor during winter time. All one needs in order to perform a clean wipe is some mild soap and water. Once this is done, dust and other debris can easily be picked with a soft broom and/or dust mops once the floor becomes sufficiently dry.

Epoxy tends to harden floor to great degrees that even the dropping of wrenches and metallic
objects leave the floor spotless. Thicker coatings are perfect to cover minor imperfections like
tiny spider cracks and concrete flaws. The sealer quality of epoxy also makes it perfect for antidusting around the garage. To push the limits of epoxy, slip-resistant elements can be
introduced in order to create non-skid surfaces.


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